Why Jennifer Lawrence Felt Chris Martin Used Her

They could have been one of the most powerful couples in Hollywood. When they started dating, Jennifer Lawrence had just won an Oscar, and Chris Martin had released some of the most famous songs of his career. However, things turned sour for the actress: Chris and his ex had filed for divorce five months earlier and he was still spending a lot of time with her. And Jennifer herself fell victim to a very public sexual crime. Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence were first linked in August 2014.

The actress had attended several of Chris’ concerts with his band Coldplay, but she tried to stay on the down low. Jen ever covered her face, so the paparazzi couldn’t take her picture! In September, the new couple decided to stop hiding. They started doing things in public, like enjoying a nice dinner out with some friends in West Hollywood. A source that was present at the restaurant told E!News that the lovebirds seemed comfortable and happy with each other.

It doesn’t seem like it’s a new relationship. They seem super affectionate,” the person added. The pair never released a statement or officially told the media they were dating. However, the actress made use of her usual sense of humor to give some hints. At the time, the young star was promoting “Mockingjay”, the third movie in her “Hunger Games” franchise.

During interviews, she joked that she had been listening to A LOT of Coldplay. Well, it seemed like J-Law was happy with her new boo. So much that, in October, she decided to introduce Chris to her family. The actress’ grandmother spoke to Daily Mirror and explained that Jennifer’s mum had flown to Los Angeles to meet the singer.

We will have to get another chair for the dinner table at Christmas,” she said That same month, the Academy Award Winner revealed a little more about her philosophy in relationships, although she never mentioned Chris directly. Jennifer told Vanity Fair that she wasn’t looking for passionate love. For the continuation watch the video.

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Why Jennifer Lawrence Felt Chris Martin Used Her
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