Why Brittany Snow Separated From Her “Prince Charming”

They stayed together through cancer and came out of it stronger than ever before… twice. After her husband, Tom Mahoney, recovered from the disease in 2010, Marcia Cross was sure that her family’s battle with the illness was over. What she never expected was to be diagnosed with cancer herself and for her diagnosis to be connected to her husband’s years later. When Marcia Cross met Tom Mahoney, she had almost given up on love.

The actress told Good Housekeeping that, before meeting him, she had been involved with a number of men who were afraid of commitment and always broke her heart. “I’d given up on finding the right one,” she confessed. The actress even went on a match.com date! She was careful not to include her real photo or name on the website. One day, everything changed for Marcia. As she was crossing the street, she found herself captivated by the man walking in front of her, even if she could barely see his face.

“I found him so magnetic,” the Desperate Housewives alum confessed. She followed him into a flower shop, but the man left before she gathered the courage to approach him. Cross left her number in case he ever returned. Luckily, or maybe thanks to destiny, he did. Tom got Marcia’s number and called her the same day she found out she had been nominated for a Golden Globe.

The actress was happy he didn’t say anything about the award because for her, it meant he was a regular guy. The happy couple wed in 2006 after dating for two years. The ceremony took place at a hotel on the foothill of the beautiful San Gabriel mountains in California. At 44 and 48, it was the first marriage both of them had had. A year later, they welcomed their twin girls after what Marcia deemed “the longest wait in history.”

The Golden Globe nominee told the Mirror she had wanted to have kids in her 30s but “couldn’t get it together.” “I wish I’d met my husband earlier,” she confessed. Cross explained that she wants to be around for her kids as long as possible, so it was a bit sad having them so late. The journey to conceiving wasn’t easy. Marcia confessed to Tom that she didn’t know whether they could have biological babies. He replied that, if they couldn’t, they would adopt. “I thought ‘this is the man for me!,’” the actress told Good Housekeeping. For the continuation watch the video.

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