This family has been living in the mountains for more than 50 years. Children don’t know what money and TV are!

We are so used to living in the modern world, constantly using all the benefits of civilization. Gadgets, medicines, TV and much more are an integral part of human existence in the 21st century. But even in our time there are people who simply do not know about all these things that are familiar to us. One day a group of Turkish climbers accidentally found an unusual dwelling in the mountains of their country.

High in the mountains there was a very strange house, which was built of stone and wood. The dwelling was very squat and gloomy, the climbers were sure that no one lived in it. But what was their surprise when the owner of the house appeared at the knock on the door! It turned out that a whole family lives in this nondescript dwelling! The mountaineers were very excited when uninvited guests came to them. 

Of course, they have never seen strangers in their house! The head of the family, Hussein, began to be very nervous, hiding his family, but the climbers still managed to establish contact with the hermits. From the conversation, the guests found out amazing things! It turns out that the Teshar family has owned this house in the mountains for three hundred years. Hussein himself has been living there for 80 years since his birth.

He has a wife, for whom he went to the mainland 50 years ago. The couple had 10 children born in the mountains! It is simply impossible to imagine how a poor woman gave birth to them in complete unsanitary conditions and without medical help. It turned out that not all children liked such a reclusive life in the mountains. Five of them left home, never returning there! Mother and father have not known anything about their children for more than 30 years! 

The other five still live in the house with their parents, not intending to leave the unusual house in the mountains. The family leads a common life, sharing household responsibilities among themselves. Teshars have cows, sheep, and chickens to keep an eye on. The remaining children have never left the mountain they live on! But Hussein himself sometimes goes to the neighboring village, which is also located on the rocks.

The settlement is very far away, so the Teshars do not go there so often. It takes a day’s journey to get to people! And this is only one way! There, the head of the family exchanges wool and meat for some important household items, such as knives and clothes. When the climbers talked to the mountaineers’ family, they found out that none of them knew what the Internet or TV was. 

They live without the benefits of civilization all their lives! To get water, you need to go to a mountain river, snow is heated in winter. The food is cooked over an open fire. The only product of progress that is in the Tesharov house is a solar battery that gives light in two rooms. But she appeared in the family recently, when a valuable item was exchanged in a neighboring village.

Teshars don’t even know what money is! They simply exchange the necessary things for what they have. The children did not go to school, do not communicate with any of their peers. They just don’t know that it’s possible to live differently! None of them saw anything but mountains! How right was it to deprive your children of the opportunity to live a social life? If this was the decision of the parents, then the children are not at all obliged to be responsible for it. 

The climbers who found an unusual family were shocked by the conditions in which people live. They reported about the Teshars to the media, wrote posts on social networks. So there were children who had left home earlier. They visited their parents and siblings.

At the meeting, it became obvious that independent children learned a lot more about life, can keep up a conversation, tell a lot of interesting things. The same cannot be said about those who stayed to live in the mountains… Another positive aspect of the dissemination of information about Teshars was that the local authorities, who found out about their existence, helped the elderly to get a pension. 

Now they can not only change things, but also buy everything they need for their simple life. It turns out that in our time it is possible to live far from civilization! It is difficult to say what this existence will be like without medicines, the Internet and communication, but surely those who do not know another life will consider it the only right one.

That’s just 5 children would have stayed with their parents if they had seen how people live in other settlements, this is a big question. But at least half of the children had the opportunity to choose for themselves how to arrange their lives, and for some reason not one of them did not return home.

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This family has been living in the mountains for more than 50 years. Children don’t know what money and TV are!
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