The woman woke up from a two-year coma and was able to point to the attacker, she had known him all her life.

No matter how hard we try to hide our unseemly deeds, most often others still find out about them. And sometimes the truth can suddenly open up even after a few years to help unravel a complicated case. A true detective story took place in West Virginia in the USA. A resident of the state in the east of the country, Wendy Palmer, was brutally beaten in her own home about two years ago.

The unfortunate woman was found by her mother, who came to check on her daughter and found her in a pool of blood on the sofa. The perpetrator used an axe or machete. That’s exactly what the law enforcement officers decided, who arrived at the scene after a call from the victim’s mother. The case was handled by Jackson Ross Mellenger, the sheriff of the county in which this terrible story happened. 

The woman who was attacked was badly injured, the doctors were not sure that she would survive after her injuries. The police immediately began to search for the criminal, but it was not so easy to do. The authorities have developed several versions of the motives for the brutal beating, but all of them have reached an impasse. The sheriff describes the situation like this:

“There were no eyewitnesses, only the victim lived in the house. There were no recordings from either surveillance cameras or mobile phones. We had nothing to cling to!” Mellenger continued his investigation despite the fact that the case was very complicated. He understood that only the victim herself could help in the search for the criminal. 

Wendy was in a medical facility that specialized in long-term care for seriously ill patients. The woman was in a coma! However, 2 years after the incident, the staff of the institution where the woman was staying contacted the authorities. This call was a turning point in the case of the beating of Wendy Palmer.

Medical staff told the police that the victim has extensive brain damage, but is no longer sleeping. Wendy came out of a coma after spending 2 years in this state! And finally the woman could communicate with others again! Mellenger understood that only the victim herself could tell the police who had done this horror to her. 

None of the woman’s acquaintances even had any motives to harm her! And now it turns out that Wendy herself is able to point out the culprit! The sheriff said the following about the sudden exit from the coma and the turn in a difficult case: Palmer could only shake her head negatively or affirmatively, but that was quite enough!

The conversation with the police officers who arrived at the medical institution was not easy, but the results were worth it! Wendy was able to point out the culprit! The police finally found out who beat the woman in her house 2 years ago! Wendy identified her own brother Daniel in the attacker! The police immediately arrested the man on suspicion of committing a serious crime, attempted murder. He faces a very long sentence. 

Now Daniel is behind bars, the investigation into the beating continues. According to journalists who spoke with the police involved in this case, the victim’s brother was not at all surprised by the charges.

Wendy suffered greatly at the hands of her own brother, but she remained alive and was able to point out her abuser. This story is about perseverance, fortitude, thirst for life and, of course, the truth, which is always revealed, sooner or later, one way or another.

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The woman woke up from a two-year coma and was able to point to the attacker, she had known him all her life.
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