The Truth About Taylor Swift And John Mayer’s Romance

When two globally famous artists get together, the breakup (if there is one) is bound to be talked about. But if one of them is known to write bluntly about her past relationships, a fallout can quickly turn into a disaster. Although Taylor Swift and John Mayer only dated for a few months, her songwriting has turned their relationship into a part of music history.

32-year-old John Mayer began flirting with 19-year-old Swift on Twitter in March 2009. The pop star tweeted that he had a song idea that “would not leave his head.” He also said that he wanted to sing this new song with Taylor! The pair tested what collaborating would be like when Mayer joined Swift onstage during her tour’s stop in Los Angeles two months later.

The musicians performed one of John’s and one of Taylor’s hits. In June of that year, the then-country singer opened up to Elle magazine about John wanting to collaborate with her, explaining that she got super excited when she found out. Apparently, Taylor had been a fan of Mayer for a long time! The two finally dueted on his song “Half of my heart”, just as John had imagined.

The stars performed their brand new duo at New York’s Jingle Ball in December 2009. Fans soon noticed the chemistry between the two and wondered if they were romantically involved. And they were right! Swift and Mayer reportedly dated from late 2009 to February 2010.

Nobody knows what caused the fallout. At first, it seemed like things were amicable between the musicians. In June, months after the breakup, John presented Taylor with an award during the Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Ceremony. The pop star praised Swift, saying she would be able to write a hit in any era of history. For the continuation watch the video.

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The Truth About Taylor Swift And John Mayer’s Romance
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