The smile is the same: Julia Roberts showed a photo with her older sister

The 52-year-old star of «Beauty» and «Best Friend’s Wedding» posted a joint picture with Lisa on the Day of brothers and sisters.

Julia Roberts won the hearts of many viewers with her wide smile. Apparently, she «got» it from her mother: recently, the actress posted an archive photo with her mother Betty Lou, who died in 2015, and in the picture they both show the same shining smiles.

Julia’s older sister, Lisa, also inherited her «branded» smile. On the Day of the brothers and sisters, Roberta posted a joint photo with her. The actress captioned the picture: «Me and my wonderful sister! Dressed up and now there’s nowhere to go!».

The artist supplemented the recording with the hashtags «Stay at home», «We are here together» and «National Day of Brothers and Sisters». Roberta left comments only for friends, and her niece Emma sent four smiley hearts. In total, almost 350 thousand «like» marks were received for the record.

Lisa Roberts Gillan is two years older than her famous sister. She also chose an acting career, but did not achieve equally impressive success. She also became a producer of several films. Since 1997, Lisa has been married to actor Tony Gillan, who played in the TV series «Law and Order».

Julia Roberts also has an older brother, Eric. The actress was very close to him as a child, but in recent years their relationship is not so warm. A number of sources report that the discord between the brother and sister came due to the fact that Eric’s character deteriorated after he started using drugs.

Julia Roberts has been married
to cinematographer Daniel Moder since July 2002. In November 2004, the couple had twins: a girl, Hazel Patricia, and a boy, Finneas Walter. In June 2007, the youngest son of the actress, who was named Henry Daniel, was born.

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The smile is the same: Julia Roberts showed a photo with her older sister
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