The Secret Behind the Letter X on the Palm of Your Hand (Only 3% of People in the World Have It)

Palmistry is the art of reading the lines of the hand and which has found its roots in Indian astrology and in certain Chinese stories. This practice was then disseminated through Europe and Asia and even seduced Alexander the Great who used it to choose his apostles. According to these beliefs, reading the lines of the hand defines our personality as well as our prospects for the future. And the cross X on the palm of the hand is very meaningful.

Some palmistry research
Several scholars have made palmistry their favorite subject, starting with the Greek scholar Anaxagoras or even Alexander the Great. The latter apparently made an in-depth study of the palms of his hands which were vividly marked with unique symbols. Moreover, at present 3% of the world’s population declares having exactly the same mark on the palm of both hands.

It should also be noted that this divinatory practice that is palmistry, is not limited to reading the lines of the hand, but also to studying the shape of the hands, the grooves, the nails and the shape of the fingers. All of these aspects have a direct connection with the personality of the individual.

How about the credibility of the letter X?
This approach originated in the Egyptian era where it was predicted that Alexander the Great would be a great leader due to the presence of the cross on the palms of both his hands.

In addition, a research was developed at the STI University of Moscow, relating to the subject of the letter X on the palms of the hands and its relationship with destiny. For this purpose, thousands of living and dead people were studied and it turned out that those who had the letter X on the palms of their hands were all people who enjoyed great notoriety or were popular leaders who had accomplished great things and left indelible traces throughout history.

Moreover, Abraham Lincoln and Russian President Vladimir Putin are no exception. Thus, people with the letter X marked on the palms of both hands, will remain etched in their memories even after their disappearance. And those who have that letter stamped on one hand are successful individuals who will become famous.

Personality trait of people with the X mark on the palms of their hands

  • They’re intuitive

These people are intuitive and can sense danger from a distance. They have the gift of sniffing out the lack of loyalty, infidelity in individuals. Their energy is so intense that they have the ability to build a shield around them that no one can overcome.

  • They forgive but they don’t forget

If they are prone to betrayal or lying, they can forgive but never forget and thus will reveal an aspect of their personality to you that you do not even suspect. No one can harm them because they have immeasurable power.

  • They have a big memory

Their elephant memory and great knowledge are the privilege of these people. Organized, and rigorous, they have an ease of adaptation to all situations.

  • They’ve got charisma

They are doers who can make an impression if they seize the chance and opportunity to do so.

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The Secret Behind the Letter X on the Palm of Your Hand (Only 3% of People in the World Have It)
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