The polar bear came to people for help. Upon examination, they found a jar stuck in the mouth…

Most often we can see rare animals only in zoos or nature reserves. But there are places where people often encounter them in everyday life. And not always such a neighborhood can be harmless! For example, polar bears are dangerous animals that, although rare, still attack people.

Although sometimes there are completely different stories in which a person peacefully coexists with a wild beast, can even come to his aid if necessary. This incredible case occurred in the village of Dixon in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. In the Arctic, people often encounter polar bears, as a rule, all residents of the region know perfectly well how to behave with them.

Animals do not show aggression if they are not provoked. But it’s still better to stay away from these huge harsh beasts! One day a polar bear came to the village, which behaved very strangely. Residents of Dixon know that animals most often prowl in search of food somewhere on the outskirts. But this polar bear terrified the whole village! 

The animal was walking freely all over Dixon, and it was clearly not looking for food. The villagers tried to stay away from the dangerous predator, you never know what. Bears avoid people themselves, but this was clearly a different case. He clearly needed something from people! And when the bear stuck his muzzle into the crate of the porch of one of the houses, it became clear what was wrong with him!

It was possible to see that a condensed milk jar was stuck in his mouth! Everyone knows what a sweet tooth these polar bears are. It seems that the animal was so carried away by eating the contents of the jar that it stuck its tongue very deep, and then could not escape from the trap. So the metal container remained in the mouth of the clubfoot! What could he do but go to people for help? So he came to Dixon!

When people realized that the animal needed help, they immediately began to think about how to organize the rescue of the red book animal, attempts by one of the eyewitnesses to remove the jar were unsuccessful, the bear was simply hurt, and people were scared. Then they reported the bear to Rosprirodnadzor. 

The head of Rosprirodnadzor Svetlana Radionova said that a meeting of the working group was urgently convened, which had to understand how to solve the issue. As a result, the necessary specialists were found in the capital, who flew to the rescue of the bear. It was necessary to act promptly, because the bear’s condition was very deplorable, just on the verge of death.

The staff of the Moscow Zoo quickly arrived at the place, after which they started a difficult case. The bear was immobilized with a dart with sleeping pills, after which the jar was carefully removed! Then the damaged tongue was treated. The operation to prevent the death of a rare animal was successful! The bear turned out to be a bear about 2-3 years old. 

After the rescue, the wild animal was fed fish for some time, but when he felt better, he calmly returned to his natural habitat. Now he will definitely be more careful with the cans or even stop eating condensed milk altogether! People are certainly well done that they did not leave the poor bear without help.

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The polar bear came to people for help. Upon examination, they found a jar stuck in the mouth…
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