The mysterious discovery of a farmer led the police to the door of his house!

The world is full of amazing mysteries that often become public. Sometimes the whole Internet tries to solve the mystery of a particular photo, but the reality sometimes turns out to be even more fantastic than the most daring versions of users.

In 2015, Jose Nievas went for a walk with his dog on the territory of his farm, which is located near the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. It was a routine detour of the site, which took a very unexpected turn. The farmer was passing by a stream that flows through the territory of the farm. Suddenly, a very strange object attracted the man’s attention! 

At first, Jose thought he saw a very unusual stone. It was a rounded object that looked really amazing! It was dark in color, had simply huge dimensions and an unusual texture. The farmer was overcome with curiosity, so he decided to come closer to examine the find.

After all, the man walked past the stream many times, never paying attention to a strange object. When the Argentine approached the find, he was even more amazed! There was something lying on the riverbank that the man simply could not identify. He was quite sure that he had never seen such an object before! 

Something unimaginable was soiled in dirt, which the man decided to clean up in order to solve the mystery. However, he did not manage to cope with this task with his bare hands. The man returned home to tell his loved ones about the strange object and ask for their help.

Jose was convinced that he had discovered something unprecedented on his property! But the Argentine could not even imagine that because of this amazing find, a whole squad of policemen would arrive at his house! The farmer wanted to clean the unusual object from dirt at all costs in order to still understand what he had found. 

To do this, Jose connected his wife Rita to the case. They began to slowly clean the object of dirt, using primitive tools for this. Jose and Rita gradually dug up the find, but they could not figure out what it was. The opened part of the object was almost a meter, and they were able to clean and get far from the whole object out of the ground.

Jose realized that he simply could not cope on his own. Therefore, the man had to call the police. The very next morning, several officers knocked on Jose’s door. Except they didn’t know what it was either. After that, the men’s plot was visited by other representatives of law enforcement, in the end they came to the conclusion that Jose found a very strange stone on the farm. 

The arrival of the police officers attracted everyone’s attention to the unusual object. All the locals found out about the find. As a result, hundreds of people wanted to see an unusual object to look at it with their own eyes and solve the riddle of the “stone”.

Local residents took a lot of photos that spread all over the Internet and quickly went viral. But the users of the world Wide web also could not understand what the Argentine farmer found on his plot! Jose no longer expected that the mystery of his discovery would be solved. 

Perhaps everything would have remained in its place if it hadn’t been for the locals who began to put pressure on the police. They demanded that law enforcement officers find out what Jose had found. As a result, the authorities turned to experts. A few days later, two archaeologists arrived at the site, who had to understand what was on the Argentine’s farm.

To carry out the tests, the specialists needed to get the object out of the water and mud. As a result, they managed to do this, after which the mysterious object was sent to the laboratory for research. As a result of long analyses, experts still managed to find out what the so-called stone is. 

What they found out shocked all the people who knew about this story! It turned out that the Argentine found on his farm… the shell of a glyptodont! This is the oldest genus of extinct mammals that lived more than 10,000 years ago! Jose discovered the remains of an animal that lived on the planet during the Ice Age!

At the same time, the shell was in excellent condition, which makes the find even more amazing! The glyptodont remains he found are one of the rarest and most important archaeological finds of recent years.

Each of us took out old coins, nails and other things used in everyday life from the ground at his dacha. But you can also find more unusual items on the site. Jose’s story is just one of many amazing evidences of finding very strange things.

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The mysterious discovery of a farmer led the police to the door of his house!
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