The man managed to capture the unique phenomenon of a live squirrel king

Animals and humans are neighbors on this planet who should be able to coexist with each other. Often our younger brothers need human help, without which they may find themselves in a very difficult situation and even die. This story took place in the American town of Bangor, located in Maine. Andrew Day came to visit his parents, calmly sipping tea, when suddenly he saw something very strange in the window.

The man couldn’t make out what was going on, but there was clearly something very unusual in the grass near the house. Andrew thought he saw a moving clot of wool! It didn’t have an outline that looked like some kind of animal, but the thick lump was clearly alive. Andrew went outside to take a closer look at the unusual phenomenon. At first, it seemed to the American that the cat attacked the squirrel, grabbed it with a death grip and did not let go. 

But when Andrew got closer, he realized that he was mistaken. It turned out that the man witnessed a very rare phenomenon that can be called the “squirrel king”. The phenomenon was witnessed only a few times, but Andrew was lucky enough to film it. The video shows how the squirrels got so entangled with their tails that they simply could not separate. This is a very dangerous situation for animals, which can lead to their death.

After all, in this state, squirrels become easy prey for predators, since they simply cannot move. Interestingly, the phenomenon occurs in different animals. The most famous similar phenomenon, which has even found its reflection in fiction, is called the “rat king”. You probably remember the main villain of Hoffman’s fairy tale “The Nutcracker”. He was the seven-headed mouse king. The phenomenon even gave rise to superstition. 

It was believed that seeing the rat king promised great misfortunes. Entangled rodents really look creepy, maybe that’s why so many terrible legends and beliefs have appeared around the phenomenon. Of course, squirrels were not as repulsive as rats, and Andrew hurried to their aid. Moreover, the man saw that the neighbor’s cat was already looking at defenseless animals. The tails of the squirrels were tangled, and their mother was worried about them on a tree nearby.

Andrew wanted to help, but he didn’t know what to do, whether it was possible to touch wild animals. A law-abiding American called several different services, where they could not give him advice. It was Sunday, and no one was working that day. And Andrew decided to act on his own. The American returned to his parents’ house, took gloves and scissors, and then began an operation to rescue squirrels. 

The tails of the animals were very much entangled, straw and pieces of plastic somehow even got into them, so Andrew faced a difficult task. But the man decided to help the poor devils at all costs! Andrew caught the squirrels, put them in a box, and then got down to business. The man tried very hard to carefully separate the tails, but in the end he had to cut off the wool, which he could not untangle. After an hour and a half, the squirrels were released!

Immediately after the rescue, the animals drank the water that the savior offered them, and then quickly climbed a tree to their mother. She closely followed the process and rejoiced at the release of her babies! The squirrel was very worried about the cubs, she began to make loud screams when a neighbor’s cat approached them at a dangerous distance.

The man witnessed a rare phenomenon, but he did not just make a video, but helped the unfortunate animals with tangled tails, if not for him they would have died. We are sure that for such a wonderful person meeting with the squirrel king will be a very good omen!

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The man managed to capture the unique phenomenon of a live squirrel king
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