The horse came to the funeral of his beloved master, what happened next broke the hearts of those present

Not only people can feel, suffer, get attached and love. Animals often manifest such sincere and deep feelings that are not available to everyone. This touching and sad story happened in Brazil. Wagner Figueiredo de Lima had a horse named Sereno.

The man really got along with the animal, there was a strong bond between them. But death broke this unusual friendship. Wagner died suddenly, the man died in a traffic accident. His brother Wando organized the funeral of the deceased, which was attended by numerous friends and relatives of the young man who suddenly passed away. 

But there was also a very unusual guest at the sad event. Wando decided to take the deceased’s favorite horse to the funeral. According to the deceased’s brother, Sereno meant a lot to Lima. Wando felt that the presence of a horse at such an event would be quite appropriate. Only he couldn’t imagine what would happen next…

Wando brought the horse to the funeral. The horse behaved quite calmly, people who came to the sad event could not understand whether the animal understood what was happening. But Sereno behaved very unusually. The horse seemed to understand where it was. Sereno walked over to the coffin and started sniffing it. 

Then the horse neighed and leaned its head against the deceased. It became obvious to everyone that the animal was saying goodbye to its man! The horse looked confused, depressed, she clearly understood what was going on! Everyone who saw the farewell of a faithful animal with a dead friend was very touched. It just breaks your heart when you look at how a heartbroken horse behaves!

As Wando said: “It was incredibly strong emotions. Everyone present was touched by what was happening. I cried myself when I saw this scene.” The horse not only went to the coffin with the deceased, but also leaned his head against it, and then walked all the way behind the funeral procession. 

The animal was clearly suffering, actively expressing its grief. Sereno made whimpering noises and beat her hoof all the time. Such devotion touched all those gathered. They saw real grief in the eyes and behavior of a proud and beautiful animal.

Wando decided to keep Sereno for himself, he promised that he would provide everything necessary for the horse that was so important to his deceased brother. Not only people can grieve. So, researchers of monkeys in South Africa observed a case when a male could not survive the death of his female. 

The animal suffered greatly, tossed around the body for a long time, and then lay down a little further away. After some time, the male was found dead, and scientists did not find the causes of death. It turns out that the monkey died of longing. In fact, animals mourn not only their fellows, but also the people to whom they are attached. There is a well-known story about elephants who walked tens of kilometers to say goodbye to the man who saved them from death.

A huge number of such cases have been recorded. And not only with elephants, but also with giraffes, monkeys and other wild animals. What can we say about dogs or cats that are really close to a person, and therefore suffer greatly after the death of their owners.

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The horse came to the funeral of his beloved master, what happened next broke the hearts of those present
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