The grieving husband was about to throw away his wife’s plant, but suddenly notices something strange…

Losing a loved one is a real grief that is very difficult to survive. Often such sad events make us believe in the supernatural. This is a property of the human psyche – this is how it adapts to loss. But this does not mean that miracles do not happen! Frank and Maxine Ellison have been married for many years.

A married couple from the Scottish city of Halifax spent a lot of time together, love and happiness reigned in their family. Back in 1996, Maxine took part in a radio contest in which she won a very unusual prize – a poinsettia houseplant. The gift in the pot was about to bloom. 

It was pre-Christmas time, and Maxine, delighted, expected that the plant would bloom just in time for the holiday. The poinsettia was placed in the very center of the living room so that from any corner of the room you could enjoy the view of beautiful red buds. The flower was in the house for 3 days, and then the irreparable happened…

Maxine died suddenly of a heart attack. This was a blow to Frank, who simply adored his wife. The man became depressed, he did not want to do anything. Frank completely forgot about the plant, the flowering of which his beloved wife was so waiting for. A few days later, the grief-stricken widower already wanted to throw away the poinsettia, which he had no desire to take care of. 

But something stopped Frank… The man began to look closely at the plant, it seemed strange to him. The fact is that Frank did not pay attention to the flower for many days, and when he did, he realized that the poinsettia had grown a lot. And this despite the fact that the man did not care about the plant at all!

Rather whimsical in care, the flower really grew at a gigantic speed! As if he wanted to attract the attention of a man! Poinsettia blooms very beautifully, but then often dies. But the seasonal plant in the widower’s living room did not even think of wasting away! On the contrary, the poinsettia was getting bigger, its flowers were bright and beautiful! 

Frank began to think that this was happening for a reason. The widower decided that his deceased wife was helping the flower grow. This is how she makes herself felt to her grief-stricken husband, as if telling him that she stays by his side, no matter what. Frank began to look at the flower for a long time. The man says that he feels as if the poinsettia is growing before his eyes!

Contemplation of the plant calms the widower, as if it connects him with his deceased wife. Surprisingly, the flower still continues to grow, although more than 25 years have passed. Frank takes good care of the plant, as he sees in it a thread connecting him with his beloved. 

But good care does not explain why a seasonal plant that should have died long ago is still constantly increasing in size! It’s been a lot of years since the flower got into Frank’s house, but poinsettia does not think to give up her position! The man says that the plant has become simply huge! Soon poinsettia will just completely close the window!

Already, a giant flower occupies almost half of the living room! The most amazing thing is, he doesn’t even think to stop growing! Frank is happy with the fact that he has this flower. It is obvious to him that it is the deceased wife who has been helping poinsettia grow for so many years. 

A beautiful plant with many red buds seems to tell Frank that his Maxine is invisibly present nearby, looking after her husband. We don’t know why the flower has become so huge and hasn’t wilted yet. But the most important thing is that it was much easier for Frank to survive the death of his wife, being next to a plant that connected him with his beloved like an invisible thread.

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The grieving husband was about to throw away his wife’s plant, but suddenly notices something strange…
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