The dog has been waiting for his family in one place for 4 years and something incredible happens…

Everyone knows how amazingly loyal animals can be, especially dogs. To lose a master for four—legged friends is a real tragedy, they are ready to wait for years just to see their man again. This touching story happened in Thailand with a dog named Leo.

A big white dog once appeared out of nowhere at a gas station outside the city. He chose a place on the side of the road, where he spent all his days gazing intently at the road. The dog was noticed by local volunteers who started feeding her. It was they who gave the beautiful white dog the nickname Leo. 

At first, the animal looked very presentable, but life on the street could not but affect its appearance. The dog got fleas, he got lichen, he got very thin. And all the time he was looking at the road, as if expecting to see someone. Gradually, the beautiful white fur was overgrown with tangles, the dog began to look very pathetic…

One of the local animal lovers named Saovalak showed a special interest in the homeless. The woman was insanely sorry for the dog, who clearly suffered from street life. It was obvious that the dog was used to comfort and coziness, she did not look like a stray animal. 

Saovalak lived near the gas station, often fed Leo homemade food. The dog was very timid, he was clearly afraid of strangers. But Saovalak gradually gained the dog’s trust. The woman felt so sorry for the poor guy that she decided to take him home. That’s just Leo ran away from the compassionate Saovalak to return to his post.

He was obviously waiting for someone near the gas station where the volunteers first found a beautiful white dog… So Leo lived in one place for 4 whole years! But he could have settled at home with Saovalak, completely forgetting about all the hardships of street life. But Leo chose a different path. The dog clearly wanted to see someone… 

The kind Saovalak resigned herself to the fact that she would not be able to take Leo to her. She could only bring the dog food, from time to time to untangle his tangles. Perhaps this story would have ended like this if not for the great power of the Internet! Anuchit Uncharoen found out about an amazing dog who has been waiting for someone in one place near a gas station for several years.

The Thai wanted to find a possible owner of Leo. It was obvious that the dog had lived in someone’s house before. It was also clear that Leo was waiting for someone at this gas station. Quite possibly, he wanted to see his master again. Anuchit posted a post on a social network page in which he described Leo’s fate. 

Photos of the dog were attached to the publication. The post quickly spread across the network, users were insanely sorry for the dog, who had lived at the gas station for 4 years waiting for his man to return! And a real miracle happened! A Thai man wrote to a man who recognized his dog in Leo! He said that 4 years ago he lost his pet named Bon-bon!

And the man’s pet is very similar to Leo! It turns out that the owner of the dog, who by chance became a stray, drove along the road where the gas station is located. He went out to buy gasoline, and then drove on. But the man did not immediately notice that his dog was no longer in the car.

He returned to the gas station, but the pet was not there. Then the man decided that Bon-bon was just hit by a car. But all this time the faithful dog was waiting for his master in the same place where he left him! The man read Anuchit’s publication, after which he immediately went to the gas station. And I found my Bon-bon! 

The dog was insanely glad to see the owner, because she had been waiting for him for so many years! The dog even gave up a well-fed home life to meet his man again. But then something happened that no one expected! The former owner called his Bon-bon home. Except Leo refused to go!

Suddenly the dog turned to Saovalak, who was so kind to the animal. Leo sat down at the woman’s feet, showing that he did not want to leave her! Surprisingly, the dog waited for his master for so many years, but when he saw him, he did not want to return home! Perhaps it was enough for Leo to know that his man was all right. 

It was important for him to see the owner again, but he did not consider it necessary to return to him. Saovalak was very happy with this decision of the dog, because for 4 long years she managed to fall in love with an animal that she constantly fed. At the same time, Leo’s former owner promised to help the woman with food and treatment for the dog.

Now the handsome man lives in the Saovalak house and is no longer going to run away! The dog has been waiting for its old owner for many years to find a new one! This is an amazing example of dedication, patience, perseverance, which have been rewarded with dignity. No one expected Leo to decide to stay with Saovalak, but this story still ended happily, albeit very unexpectedly.

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The dog has been waiting for his family in one place for 4 years and something incredible happens…
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