The doctors wanted to put a girl with Down syndrome in a hospital, but look at her after 15 years…

There are still a lot of prejudices about people with Down syndrome in our society. Many consider them aggressive, mentally retarded, ugly. The heroine of this story debunks these and many other stereotypes. This story is about an unusual girl named Kennedy Garcia, who was born with Down syndrome 18 years ago.

At that time, there was a very wrong attitude towards such children all over the world, and America was no exception. Kennedy was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As soon as it became clear that the baby was born with Down syndrome, the doctors made a monstrous offer to the mother. 

They advised to leave the child in a special medical institution, where he had to spend his whole life. The doctors thought that the mother would not want to bother with such a daughter. In addition, they suggested that Kennedy would not be able to move independently, so even in adulthood she would need a walker.

It is difficult to take care of such a child, so it was assumed that it would be better for Kennedy to stay in a special institution. Except her mom had other plans! Renee was not going to leave her special child to be raised by strangers at all. She kicked all the councillors out of the chamber and forbade them to return to this conversation again! 

Renee firmly decided that she would not leave her daughter, she would be able to take care of her child herself. And the woman managed to cope with all the difficulties! She devoted a lot of time to the socialization of her child, gave her to numerous sections, engaged in lessons. Those doctors who advised the mother to get rid of her daughter, simply would not recognize this child now!

Kennedy is engaged in dancing, even participates in national competitions. She attends acting classes, and also works as a real model! A girl with a great figure advertises a bikini. And perfectly copes with his work! Kennedy took part in advertising campaigns of major American brands. 

The girl behaves very professionally on the set, does not act up on the set, works hard. The mother says that when Kennedy was born, the doctors began to frighten her, drawing terrible pictures of a bleak future. But there was a midwife who supported the unfortunate woman. A kind hospital employee said that the newborn is beautiful, like any other child.

It turned out that the midwife also has a daughter with Down syndrome. Renee said that this support of a stranger helped her a lot, brought back hope for a possible happy life. Note that the newly-born mother of an unusual child had a lot of stereotypes about “sunny” children in her head. But the midwife dispelled them all. 

The first thing Renee wanted to know from a new friend was whether her daughter with Down syndrome would be able to walk. The midwife just laughed at that. But such ideas about unusual “sunny” children were at that time. Fortunately, a lot has changed in the modern world, including the attitude towards people with Down syndrome.

The mother loves her daughter very much, she has devoted her whole life to her. The girl grew up very kind, talented, cheerful. She is a successful model, she shoots in New York and Hollywood, and Kennedy also has a boyfriend. Matthew also has Down syndrome, but this does not prevent young people from truly loving each other. 

Kennedy was not only an example of how a person with special needs can become successful. She had cancer, so now she inspires people around the world to fight this terrible disease. Renee has also come a long way, she supported her daughter in everything, was always there in difficult times, helped her become a full-fledged part of society.

The woman recalls with horror how in the hospital she was persuaded to give up her daughter. Renee was made to believe that her baby would not be able to become a full-fledged person. Now the woman supports other children and parents with Down syndrome, holds meetings with schoolchildren, where she talks about “sunny” people. We are very different, I really want to believe that someday humanity will live in a world where everyone’s right to be happy is respected and respected.

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The doctors wanted to put a girl with Down syndrome in a hospital, but look at her after 15 years…
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