The couple adopted a girl who was rejected because of her appearance, now she is a world star!

Perseverance, the ability to dream and not give up is what can help a person get out of the darkest state. This incredible story is about a strong girl who persevered towards her goal and was able to become happy. Michaela De Prince was born in Sierra Leone in 1995. Then her name was Mabinti Bangura. The girl’s father died during the civil war in this African country, her mother died of hunger.

The baby had a terrible childhood. She had to go through not only the death of her parents, but also get stabbed at the age of 3. The girl was sent to an orphanage, where she also had a hard time. Later, Michaela said that she could not remember a single happy event from her childhood! According to De Prins, life at the shelter was hell. 

The girl had a disease called vitiligo – white spots that looked very unusual and frightening on dark skin. Africans consider this disease something like a curse. Of course, the girl was constantly bullied. She was told right to her face: “Yes, who wants to adopt you!”. All the children in the shelter had their own numbers. The pet was the first, the most frequently offended child was the last on this list.

Michaela was 27 out of 27. In the orphanage, this meant that the girl was always the last to receive food, dressed in the most terrible clothes that no one wanted before her. Michaela was friends with only one person – a girl named number 26, who was also called Mabinti. She was disliked by everyone else because of her urinary incontinence problems. 

The girls tried to stick together, so it was easier to cope with all the problems, to resist the cruelty of other children and educators. Michaela’s life went on as usual, although she could not be called happy at all. Everything changed when the girl found an old magazine near the doors of the orphanage, on the cover of which was a beautiful ballerina in an airy tutu.

The little girl was amazed at the ease and freedom of this woman. She was from a completely different, luxurious and happy life. And Michaela-Mabinti wanted to get there! She thought that since this woman enjoys ballet, it means that she needs to do it! Such was the simple logic of a child who had seen nothing but pain and humiliation in her life. 

It was a ray of light that was supposed to lead her into a new happy future. And Michaela grabbed onto it! A few days after this bright event, a terrible thing happened. The girl was wounded in the stomach by militants who killed her beloved teacher, who was in a position, in front of her eyes. Michaela was just crushed, she wanted to die!

Although at that time the girl was only 3 years old! After a while, Americans were supposed to come to the shelter. The couple wanted to adopt a baby. Mikaela’s friend was lucky – they chose her! The Americans, whose names were Charles and Elaine De Prince, came to Africa from the state of New Jersey. Before that, the couple had already adopted 3 boys from their country. 

However, the children had the last stage of HIV infection – AIDS, so they soon died. To cope with grief, the woman decided to adopt a child from Africa. Husband and wife chose number 26. This was also a salvation for No. 27. The thing is that when the couple got a call from the adoption agency, they clarified which Mabinti they wanted to take into the family. Elayne found out that there is another girl with the same name in the orphanage.

The woman was touched by the story that many families refused the baby, and all because of the spots on the skin. She thought, “What nonsense are these spots compared to AIDS.” And she said out loud: “We’re taking both of them!”. When the American woman arrived at the shelter, Mabinti did not believe that she would be taken away. But Elaine picked up both girls and said, “I’m your mom now.” 

The babies were named Michaela and Mia. The first thing the first one did was show the new mother a magazine with a ballerina. Elaine was very surprised that a poor African girl dreams of dancing on stage! And she promised that she would help the baby in this! When the family returned to the United States, Elaine first enrolled the girls in ballet school. Michaela was happy!

Her life has changed so dramatically! No one scolded or beat her for her misdeeds, moreover, she could dance! The girl took her classes seriously, she laid out to the fullest. But there was something that really upset her. These are spots on the skin! When Mikaela had to go on stage, the thought that everyone would see her illness paralyzed her. But Mom said that from the hall her spots are not visible at all. 

Then Michaela decided that nothing prevents her from becoming a ballerina! Elaine is really an amazing woman! However, it cannot be said that Michaela’s life was cloudless. The girl met with very unpleasant phenomena. So, she was reproached for the color of her skin. As if a child could do anything about it!

The girl was told that all blacks sooner or later become busty and big, so no one wants to mess with her. What kind of ballerina is she? But Michaela persevered towards her dream. She wanted to shine like the woman on the cover of the magazine. And Michaela was able to achieve her goal! At the age of 17, she became a dancer at the Harlem Dance Theater, and a year later she performed in the National Ballet of the Netherlands. 

And a short time after joining the troupe, Michaela became a soloist! In 2016, an incredible thing happened – the girl starred in the video of Beyonce herself! She was entrusted to perform an improvisation dance! Mikaela’s amazing story proves once again that you can achieve anything, even if no one is betting on you. And if there are people nearby who believe in you and are always ready to lend a shoulder, then the chances of success increase significantly.

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The couple adopted a girl who was rejected because of her appearance, now she is a world star!
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