Teen Hops Off Bus At Prom And Sees Late Dad’s Fellow Officers There To Escort Her

Being a police officer is more than just catching bad guys. Many go above and beyond to help those who need it most, and in ways that show how big of hearts they really have. In the story below, a group of cops went out of their way to be there for a teen, and to honor a fallen officer.

Heartbreaking story.Officer Charlie Kondek was a valued member of the police force in Tarpon Springs, Florida. But while responding to what should’ve been a typical noise complaint call in 2014 turned out to be much different. After arriving at the scene, Kondek’s life was taken Earth-shattering news
The loss of Officer Kondek rocked the entire community. And as a smaller police department, it affected the lives of every cop who worked there. But the biggest impact was on his family, in particular, his beautiful daughter Aleena.

A dedicated man
Like most police officers, Officer Kondek was devoted to both his job and family. Although difficult, the other cops had to get through the ordeal. But his wife, Teresa, and his daughter, Aleena, had to figure out how to move forward without the man they loved.

Overcoming a big obstacle
The Kondek family knew they’d have to face a lot of challenges but one stood out. You see, Aleena’s prom was coming up. That’s when her mom came up with a sweet and brilliant idea that required her to talk to someone of authority at the department.

Everyone agreed
After speaking with Major Jeff Young, he took Teresa’s idea to the other officers. Without hesitation, they all agreed they wanted in on the plan. This mom had organized to have not one but several escorts take her to the prom.

The special day finally arrived
Excited for prom yet missing her dad, Aleena had no idea what was about to happen. She took a bus to the school. But upon arrival, Officer Kondek’s daughter had a huge surprise waiting for her … a group of her dad’s colleagues were there to be her escorts.

They always say, ‘never forgotten,’ and I totally believe that. They’re always texting me, ‘how are you doing?’ and they step in with things that my dad did, and they’re amazing. I love each and every one of them.”

Cherished memory
There’s no question that Aleena will never forget her high school prom. And there’s no question that her dad is super proud of her and his friends who stepped up to the plate to help her. This is such an amazing story.

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Teen Hops Off Bus At Prom And Sees Late Dad’s Fellow Officers There To Escort Her
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