Shaquille O’Neal notices a crying boy in the middle of the store and drops everything to do it for him.

Many of us have witnessed how children sometimes behave too noisily and ill-mannered in the store. it happens that someone else even begins to explain to them how important it is to listen to their parents. But it is incredibly rare for a famous person to do this. And that’s exactly what happened to a boy named Zion.

When he was crying in the store, he was approached by none other than the legendary Shaquille O’Neal! Do you know who Shaquille O’Neal is? Shaquille Rashone O’Neal is a 50–year-old American basketball player, basketball TV expert and commentator, as well as a rapper and actor, and also a successful businessman. Although O’Neill ended his sports career more than 10 years ago, he still remains a big celebrity. 

When O’Neill noticed the crying boy, he could not pass by and asked him about what happened. Zion honestly said that he had behaved badly and his father scolded him for it. After learning the details of what happened, O’Neill told the boy that it would be good to apologize to his father and hug him.

Even this wise advice alone would have brought O’Neill a lot of gratitude from Zion’s parents, but the ex-basketball player did not stop there. As it turned out, Zion and his parents were in this store, as they were looking for a suitable jacket for the boy. And O’Neill offered to buy him new sports shoes and even helped him find the perfect pair for him! Needless to say, Zion’s day was clearly a success! 

Among other things, during this shopping trip, the boy had the opportunity to show the legendary athlete a video recording of his basketball game, and this game was approved! After all, Zion is a real basketball fan. Of course, Zion couldn’t help but share his joy and told about everything on Instagram (this was done not without the help of his mother).

Here’s how the boy tells about what happened to him in the store: “I was standing and crying when I suddenly heard behind me: “What happened to you, what’s wrong?”. And then I turned around and saw this giant man standing over me. And it turned out that it was the famous Shaquille O’Neal! I just couldn’t believe my eyes! 

And then I told him that because of my behavior in the store, I had problems with my father. Shak listened to me, and then gave a whole lecture about listening to your parents and said, “Go hug your father and tell him you’re sorry for what you did.” I did so. Shak didn’t leave, he was there. And then he asked me why I was wearing old shoes and why I didn’t buy a new one today.

When I replied that my parents had come here to buy me a jacket, Shak suggested that I also choose shoes. He bought me two pairs of sneakers and a jacket, and even a pair of socks for my dad! I am immensely grateful to him! I’m still in shock and can’t stop talking about this amazing event. What a happy day!”. 

Shak even watched my basketball videos and said that I’m a great point guard!” The boy ends his story with words of gratitude to the famous athlete: “Shak, God bless you, and thank you again for everything. I pray to meet you again when I become a professional player.”

Such an inspired narrative, and even together with a video in which the legendary basketball player is captured with a crying boy, could not go unnoticed. Many users left their comments under it, admiring the act of Shaquille O’Neal. 

So, in one of the comments Shakil was called a real angel in the form of a man. And another noted that he does much more than any celebrity or famous professional athlete. I would like to clarify that the most important thing in this story is not Shakil’s generosity, but the attention he gives to strangers.

Children need so little for happiness. In many cases, just a kind word and a little attention is enough. What can we say about the case if the idol shows attention!

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Shaquille O’Neal notices a crying boy in the middle of the store and drops everything to do it for him.
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