Pictured: Toddler run over and kiIIed after ‘walking out of house while parents slept’

Pictured: Toddler run over and kiIIed after ‘walking out of house while parents slept’

An incredibly cute child who was kiIIed after wandering out of a vacation house and into a road while his parents believed he was sleeping has been photographed for the first time.

Brandon Thomas Byrne, a 21-month-old boy from Ballinagare in Co. Roscommon, was kiIIed when he was hit by a jeep soon after 9 a.m. on Friday morning.

The young man and his parents, Louise Cahir and Andrew Byrne, are said to be British nationals who traveled to Ireland to see family.

Andrew paid tribute to his “beloved son” saying he would adore him “until the end of time”.

Friends and relatives posted a photo of Brandon smiling as he chewed a doll to announce the funeral. Brandon, the most beautiful, smart and loving son of Louise Cahir and Andrew Byrne, and beloved grandson of James, Noelene and Fran, wrote.

Brandon left the bed alone and left the house while his parents were still asleep.

Unfortunately, the accident occurred after the young man was not noticed by the owner of the neighboring house, who was entering his property.

When the boy realized what had happened, he quickly notified the residents of the house next door, who at first assumed that he had made a mistake.

However, the parents quickly realized that Brandon was not in bed or anywhere else in the house.

They were a couple from Great Britain who were staying at a family member’s property in a fairly remote region about two miles outside Ballynagar, according to the source.

A neighbor who has fields nearby was walking toward his property when he saw the bump. When he got out of his vehicle and noticed the child, he quickly went home and notified the residents.

The parents were still in bed at the time and assured her that their child was still sleeping. Unfortunately, they soon realized that this was not the case and that the boy had escaped on his own. Such a thing can happen to anyone and it is a terrible event that has hit the city.

Following Mass at St Philip the Apostle Church, Mountview, Clonsilla, on Tuesday at 10am, the little one will be laid to rest in Mulhadart Cemetery.

Authorities are investigating the event, a Garda spokeswoman said, although foul play is not suspected. Gardai are appealing to anyone with dashcam footage to pass it on to detectives.

Gardai also said forensic accident investigators and a family liaison officer assigned to assist the baby’s family were carrying out a technical examination of the scene.

After the sad event, many locals took to social media to express their condolences. “May his beautiful young soul rest in peace,” one woman said.

“This is a great tragedy, there is a lot of pain in the local community,” said Father George Ajato of the parish of Mountview and Blakestown.

They are praying for the deceased and their loved ones, especially young Brandon, who suffered a terrible sad event in his local area earlier this week, local priest Father Neil Devine said during Sunday’s service.

He and the entire local district are extremely surprised, Father Devine said. Such a thing is never expected in their home parish and no family should prepare for it. Their thoughts and prayers are with this family at this difficult time.

Leaders in the area also said the “pain” was being felt across Roscommon.

Shannonside was briefed by local councilor Paschal Fitzmaurice. ie: “It’s terrible news about the loss of this little boy here in West Roscommon, and it’s really sad, and the local community is horrified and saddened by the news that this boy has been kiIIed in this sad event.”

“There has been widespread sadness and horror among the wider community here in the Tulsk-Bellanagara region,” said Cllr Liam Callaghan. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this extremely sad and sad time.

“You hear these stories in different parts of the country at different times, but when it comes to your doorstep, the full truth hits home and sadly, it arrived in our city today.” I have no doubt the community will. come together to support the family.’

Independent Councilor Tom Corsby, Cathaoirleach of Roscommon County Council, said: “It is a very sad event in our region and I would like to express my condolences to the child’s family, neighbors and friends.” In a disaster like this, everyone is involved. . feel pain.’

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Pictured: Toddler run over and kiIIed after ‘walking out of house while parents slept’
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