Melanie Griffith Posts Adorable Photo With Mom Tippi Hedren | “Thankful That My Mom Is Still Here With Us”

Melanie Griffith Posts Adorable Photo With Mom Tippi Hedren | “Thankful That My Mom Is Still Here With Us”

Melanie Griffith, an Academy Award winner and amazing actress, came to Instagram on November 29 and posted a beautiful photo of herself with her mom, actress Tippi Hedren. Netizens rushed to send their love and best wishes to the mother and daughter.

Hedren is best known for her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s all-time masterpiece, The Birds. Her charm continues, as her daughter never misses an opportunity to express her mommy love on her Instagram profile.

Hedren, 92, radiates radiance as she sits on a comfortable sofa with her daughter Griffith. On Thanksgiving, the 65-year-old actress captioned her photo, “Grateful my mom is still here with us,” showing her gratitude for Hedren.

The article was flooded with comments from celebrities such as Mario Lopez and Olivia Harrison, who expressed their gratitude with phrases such as “What a blessing.”

Singer Alicia Witt said: “I love, love this picture. I’m so glad she’s with you too” with red hearts. The post even drew comments from Griffith’s ex-husband Antonio Banderas, who she split from in 2015 after nearly 20 years of marriage, saying: “Love to you both ladies,” with red hearts.

Griffith complimented Hedren on her granddaughter Stella Griffith’s perfume line in another short video post. Upon seeing the video, fans and followers expressed how much they admired Hedren as an actress and how lucky they were to have Griffith in their lives

“Tippi Hedren was my late mother’s favorite actress! pointed out a user with the account @mrseam62. One of my fondest memories of him and I was watching vintage movies together. She could recall events from her own life (1950s and 1960s) and relate them to the film. Your mother is still in great spirits!’

The “Crazy in Alabama” actress previously posted a birthday post dedicated to Tippi Hedren, which included never-before-seen photos of Tippi Hedren. The album features photos from Halloween, in which Hedren is seen wearing skeleton earrings and striking a funny pose, as well as vintage photos of mother and daughter in a black-and-white frame.

Griffith’s photos keep fans on their toes, as they often wonder how the veteran actress is doing these days. Several interviews revealed how the Hollywood actress felt limited and intimidated by the famous director of the thriller genre, Alfred Hitchcock.

Although “Birds” was her last film with him, it was later revealed that the contract had damaged the actor’s profession.

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