How Sharon Stone Went From Sex Symbol To Women’s Advocate

She became an international sex symbol and has a wildly successful acting career. Many would say that Sharon Stone has had it easy, but the star has faced unbelievable challenges. She survived 9 miscarriages, a stroke, custody battles and constant misogyny throughout the years.

Currently, the actress is dealing with a tumor… and online dating. Sharon has persevered through it all, only becoming stronger. What’s one more challenge? Sharon Stone has had a lot of relationships over the years, which have given us some memorable moments. In 1984, she met producer Michael Greenburg on the set of the TV movie “The Vegas strip war.”

Things moved fast for the couple, so much that they even got married on the film’s set! However, they ended up parting ways in 1987 and divorcing three years later. After separating, Sharon met Canadian actor Hart Bochner while filming the miniseries “War and Remembrance”. Although not much is known about the affair, it ended on a bad note, with Hart reportedly calling the actress “The Antichrist” during an interview.

Stone had relationships with a few other men in the years that followed. Some of them turned into engagements but ended up being short-lived. Finally, she married Phil Bronstein, a newspaper executive editor, in 1998. The couple adopted a son, Roan, when he was just a week old.

When the pair divorced in 2004, Bronstein won full custody over Roan, alleging that Stone was an “over-reactive parent” regarding Roan’s health. Court papers revealed Stone’s reactions to her son’s medical issues, like wanting to put botox on his feet to stop them from smelling. However, her attorney claimed the whole thing was a lie, and Sharon never suggested that. For the continuation watch the video.

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How Sharon Stone Went From Sex Symbol To Women’s Advocate
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