How Justin Hartley Divorced Chrishell Stause Via Text

True love and real heartbreak were on the cards for Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause. They had a fairytale relationship that began long before the actor became a huge star on This Is Us and she became a fan-favourite on Selling Sunsets. On season one of the reality show, the actress walked into the Oppenheim Group for her first day.

At the time she was ready to celebrate her one-year wedding anniversary. Little did anyone know that two seasons later, her divorce would become a major plot point in the series. It was 2013 when Justin Hartley and Chrishell Stause were soap opera stars on The Days of Our Lives. While the cast mates had met in passing before, it wasn’t until Chrishell asked another co-star to officially introduce her to Justin that sparks really flew.

Both of them seemed to immediately know that they had found the right one. The next day, Stause texted her friend, “I found him.” And Hartley felt the same way. He shared that the two met up at a concert the next day and talked all night long. “I drove her home and called the next day. We haven’t been apart since. I knew right away [and] was like, ‘Oh boy, here we go,’” he said.

This came not long after Justin had filed for divorce from his first wife Lindsay Korman who he met on the set of Passions in 2003, and a year later they were married. They then welcomed a daughter together, Isabella Justice Hartley, who they currently co-parent, after divorcing in 2012.

So, it did appear that the actor had a type… soap opera co-stars. But his relationship with Stause seemed to be like nothing he had ever experienced before. And after 3 years together, they were engaged! 2016 was a big year for Justin. For the continuation watch the video.

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How Justin Hartley Divorced Chrishell Stause Via Text
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