How Christopher Lloyd Found Love At 80 Years Old

For some celebrities, marriages are things that come and go. It’s always unfortunate when things don’t work out, but in the chaos of Hollywood, sometimes marriage isn’t always “till death do we part.” Christopher Lloyd has been married five times, most recently in 2016, to Lisa Loiacono, who is over thirty years younger than him.

We figured we’d take a look back at the actor’s previous marriages that didn’t work out and how he found love for the fifth time when he was in his late seventies. Since 1975, Lloyd has accumulated over 200 acting credits over the span of fifty years while working as an actor. However, before his career had even started, he’d already gone through and ended his first marriage.

The first time he said “I do” was in 1959, when Lloyd was just 21 years old, to his first wife, actress Catharine Dallas Dixon Boyd. Christopher met Catherine when they were both still aspiring young actors. The couple was married for about 12 years before they filed for divorce in 1971. Despite having been divorced for around thirty years, in 2002, Catherine sued Christopher for $1.2 million for allegedly not paying her alimony for 31 years.

Their original divorce agreement said that Lloyd would pay Boyd $ 1,500 a month in alimony and support “until she either remarried or died.” In 1974, three years after his first divorce, Lloyd wed once again. This time it was to another actress, Kay Tornborg. Kay was by her husband’s side while he filmed ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ Lloyd’s first major film, which later won five major Academy Awards.

Unfortunately, after about 13 years of marriage, Kay and Christopher also filed for divorce in 1987. About a year later, Lloyd decided to marry for the third time; this time, it was Carol Ann Vanek. The actor was just over 50 years old when he married his third wife. For the continuation watch the video.

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