He disguises himself as a bear to see his girlfriend, but finds her with another one…

Not everyone likes surprises, and for good reason. Sometimes we want to please a loved one with something unexpected, but instead we are very surprised ourselves… This story unfolded for several years, its culmination could be watched by thousands of users around the world thanks to the Internet.

The names of the main characters are unknown to the general public, but we know about the events that preceded what is happening in the photo. A guy and a girl from China met when they were still teenagers. They almost immediately fell in love with each other, started dating. The guy looked after his girlfriend beautifully, constantly gave her flowers, invited her on dates. 

The couple spent quite a lot of time together, they were familiar with each other’s parents. This went on for several years. But one day something happened that became a serious test for young people. The girl had to leave for work in a remote region of China several thousand kilometers away from her boyfriend. She was supposed to be in another city for a whole year!

The guy really did not want to part with his beloved, so he invited her to continue dating. She happily agreed. They decided that they would write to each other every day on social networks, call each other by video. After all, any relationship can be preserved, even if you are separated by hundreds of kilometers! 

The guy and the girl had to stay apart for only a year! They both understood that they were capable of coping with such a task. The guy was very upset, but determined to keep the relationship. The girl left, leaving her beloved alone. When she was on the spot, she immediately wrote to him.

They began to communicate virtually every day. The guy called his beloved at the same time when the girl came home from work. This went on for several months. But one day the hero of this story began to notice that the girl was behaving strangely. 

She became a little distant, in a hurry to finish the conversation. When the guy asked her what happened, she referred to difficulties in work. But the guy felt that something was wrong. And he decided to come to his beloved to make sure that everything was all right with her.

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is not an easy thing, it is even more difficult to help a person, to support him in a difficult moment by video. So, our hero decided to go to the other end of China to his beloved. He bought a plane ticket, and also prepared a full-length bear costume to surprise his beloved. 

The guy knew where the girl worked, so he had to wait until she finished her official business. In the office center where the heroine of the story worked, on the ground floor there was a small entertainment center with a coffee shop and slot machines. The guy got into a giant bear costume and waited for his only one.

That’s just what happened next was a big surprise for him! And he was definitely not happy about their meeting. A worried big bear peered into the crowd to see his beloved, surprise her with his unexpected appearance. That’s just a surprise presented to him! 

When the guy finally found his girlfriend with his eyes, he just couldn’t believe what he saw! The one to whom he came to the other end of China, having overcome 2,400 kilometers, was standing in an embrace with some guy! A young man with tears in his eyes took off the big bear’s head.

The girl was shocked when she realized who was inside the costume! The silent scene took a few seconds. Then the girl ran after the guy, who was quickly leaving the place of his shame. The beauty managed to catch up with the upset young man. She began to apologize to the guy, telling him that she really only loves him. 

At the end of this tragic scene, the beauty hugged the upset young man in a funny bear costume tightly. Photos from the scene quickly spread around the world, becoming viral. People were interested to know if the guy forgave the unfaithful girl. Unfortunately, the ending of this story is not known to anyone except its participants.

The guy drove more than one hundred kilometers to please his girlfriend. But his efforts were in vain, she was clearly not bored in the arms of another. It is unclear whether the poor man forgave his beloved, with whom he was bound for many years of serious relationships. And what would you do in his place in this situation?

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He disguises himself as a bear to see his girlfriend, but finds her with another one…
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