He didn’t trust his wife, and installed a camera at home. The recording just broke his heart!

How much do you trust your loved ones, husband or wife? Surely each of us at least once in our lives wanted to install a hidden camera to track what our relatives are doing in our absence. The hero of this story, a 32-year-old resident of Montevideo, did so. And he had reasons to install a camera in the apartment. But everything is in order…

Jose Perez was an enviable bachelor who had no problems with girls. He often met women, wanted to build a strong relationship. There was just one thing. Jose lives with a big dog that looks very much like a representative of a fighting breed. It is no secret what attitude to such animals exists in society. 

They are considered aggressive, dangerous, unpredictable. Jose tried to explain every time that his pet was simply not capable of harming anyone, but it was not so easy to believe it, especially looking at a huge dog. So the girls who got home to the man, in the vast majority of cases, were frightened by the frightening appearance of the dog.

Some directly expressed their dislike, others pretended that they were not embarrassed by such a pet. That’s just very soon it became clear the true attitude of the girl to the dog. Jose could not accept that his pet would have a mistress who did not love him. That’s how all the relationships between men and girls ended. This continued until Jose met Maria. 

As soon as the girl saw Nina (that was the name of the man’s huge dog), she immediately broke into a smile! Jose couldn’t help but notice that Maria liked his pet very much. Of course, he was just happy! At the same moment, Perez realized that he had found his woman. A few months later, the couple moved in together.

They had a great relationship, Maria and Jose walked the dog together, they were together all the time. But soon the man returned to the office from remote work, he had to leave Nina with Maria. The girl got along well with the dog, when Jose came home, he realized that they did not miss him at all! 

The man trusted Maria, but he was still a little worried that everything was in order at home. Therefore, Jose decided to install a camera to understand what is happening in the apartment in his absence. He expected to see anything there, but he didn’t even think about it! What did Maria and Nina do? The camera caught an amazing moment that caused Jose a storm of emotions!

And these emotions were by no means negative, as you might have thought. He saw that Maria and Nina… dancing together! The girl gently holds the dog by the front paws, and then hugs, moving to the beat of the music! It is obvious that Nina is completely satisfied with what is happening! This touching video dispelled all Jose’s doubts about his new girlfriend. 

He was once again convinced that he had made the right choice. Jose wanted exactly the kind of girl who could really get attached to his dog. The man says that Nina is not just a pet for them, they treat her like a daughter. A hidden camera helps not only to monitor unscrupulous nannies or cheating spouses.

Sometimes video surveillance helps to make sure that a person does not play any roles and does not hide anything. But, however, how Maria reacted to this is not known, still not everyone will like such distrust of a loved one. Jose is really lucky to find the girl of his dreams who adores him and his dog. I would like to have as many stories with such a good ending as possible!

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He didn’t trust his wife, and installed a camera at home. The recording just broke his heart!
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