Girl Dedicates Touching Song to Parents and Leaves Judges in Tears!

As Cara Hendriks performs “Like My Father” during her blind audition for The Voice Kids, her soulful voice and heartwarming lyrics touch the hearts of the judges. It’s evident that she’s singing straight from her heart.

“I need a man who’s patient and kindGets out of the car and holds the doorI wanna slow dance in the living room likeWe’re 18 at senior prom and growOld with someone who makes me feel youngI need a man who loves me likeMy father loves my mom.”

It’s hard not to be moved while watching this video. The lyrics of ‘Like My Father’ portray the story of a girl who has witnessed how her father has treated her mother. In this case, he has done everything right in showing how to love well.

Cara Hendriks’s unique voice effortlessly glides over and under each note in this storytelling song. Her sweet, whistle-raspy high notes are captivating.

The judges listen intently as Cara sings, and towards the end of her performance, two judges signal to each other and eventually turn their chairs.

Cara’s stunning and one-of-a-kind voice is a breath of fresh air, but her sentiments for her parents are even rarer. We wish the best of luck to this sweet teen and her promising career.

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Girl Dedicates Touching Song to Parents and Leaves Judges in Tears!
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