Fisherman Potentially Breaks Records Reeling In Incredible 9-Foot-Long Catfish

There’s nothing on earth quite as mysterious as the undiscovered sea and underwater worlds that we have so much to learn about.These fishermen learned that first-hand when they pulled a potentially record-breaking catfish out of the water that had people in awe.This doesn’t even look like something from our planet..

A massive catch.It was just another ordinary day for fisherman Benjamin Gründer.Until something extraordinary happened.While on a fishing trip to River Po, Italy, Gründer caught his hook in something that he could just tell felt different.Only, he could have never imagined the gigantic catfish that he ended up reeling in.

Fighting the fish

Gründer initially thought he had caught his hook into a tree because no fish he’d ever encountered was this strong.

With no idea what could be exerting this kind of force onto his fishing pole, the fisherman assumed he had snagged a log or some other inanimate object.

He was wrong.

He kept reeling.
Just in case he was, indeed, encountering the biggest fish he’d ever had the chance to catch. That’s when he saw the fish move and knew he had caught something special.

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