David Boreanaz Claims Cheating Scandal Improved His Marriage

They met at a Valentine’s day party in the Playboy mansion. This couple was so in love that they got married only seven months later. However, David Boreanaz and Jamie Bergman’s marriage started crumbling after he was forced to reveal a hurtful truth: his affair while his wife was pregnant. The couple started a whirlwind romance and decided to marry on September 11th, 2001.

After the terrorist attacks, they postponed the wedding for 11 days. The ceremony was small and attended by friends and family. The marriage wasn’t David’s first. Before dating Jamie, he had been married for two years to Ingrid Quinn, a social worker. Before meeting Quinn, the actor had a reputation as a “wild man”.

He settled down with Ingrid while being a struggling actor and has since opened up about how supportive the social worker was. However, the breakup was a messy one. Sources told multiple media outlets that Ingrid had given her husband an ultimatum: if he didn’t stop acting like he was single, their relationship would end. Apparently, David was acting like a bachelor and getting too close to some co-stars.

Both of them filed for divorce in 1999, citing the usual “irreconcilable differences.” After marrying Bergman, it seemed like Boreanaz had finally left the nightlife and single life behind. In 2002, he and the model welcomed their first child. In 2009, they added a second kid to the family and decided to name her Bella Vita Bardot.

The name has its own unique, special meaning. “Vita” is a Latin word that means “life”. And “Bardot” was in honor of “Brigitte Bardot,” a French actress known for her glamor and unique style. For the continuation watch the video.

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David Boreanaz Claims Cheating Scandal Improved His Marriage
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