At 68 she looks 20. The network was delighted by photos of retired Jackie Chan’s wife

Wow, How is that even possible? 

One can hardly believe that the idol of millions is not so long ago turned 67. Jackie Chan not often pampered his fans with personal photos, hiding his wife from prying eyes. However, in honor of his beloved wife’s 68th birthday Chan made an exception, having posted a photo of them together.

Chan’s fans came to a real delight when they saw the photo of the 68-year-old actor’s wife. «She looks 20,» «Is she really 68? «, «What a beauty,» «Does she eat rejuvenating apples?», «What’s the secret to her eternal youth?»

«Jackie’s wife is the envy of the world. She forgot to grow old», «I can’t believe my eyes», «It’s like a miracle», — wrote the Network users. Share your opinion in the comments.

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