Adopted boy wins mullet competition, gives winnings to foster charity

The mullet hairstyle is notorious in American culture. Some love it, and some hate it, but everyone has an opinion on its legacy. In keeping with the phrase ‘Everything old is new again,’ the mullet is making a strong comeback.

11-year-old Allan Baltz from Arkansas is a fan of the mullet and started growing his own. Once he found out about the ‘Official U.S.A. Mullet Championship’ and its significant prize money, Allan was determined to win.

However, Allan wasn’t looking for money for himself. He wanted to win to give the money to kids in foster care. Allan was adopted from foster care along with his twin sister, so he knew how vital funding was to foster children.

Allan has previously asked for donations instead of birthday gifts, giving up his own presents to help others. The prize for the competition was $2500, and Allan’s amazing mullet won!

Not only that, but Allan’s friends and family also donated to the cause, and the total funds raised became over 5,000 dollars. He donated it to ‘Together We Foster’ and ‘Project Zero

Allan had received over 25,000 votes in the mullet competition. His hair is fierce, but his desire to help foster children is even more impressive. Allan’s caring heart was inspiring to his friends, family, and community.

Many people rock the mullet hoping to inspire fashion trends, but Allan inspired much more. Being a former foster child gave him a personal drive to help others in need. Allan’s mullet made him a great champion, but his giving made him a great humanitarian!

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Adopted boy wins mullet competition, gives winnings to foster charity
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