A man on a plane called the woman next to him a «smelly fatty.» But what happened next shocked everyone

Traveling by aircraft is not for everyone. However, on a trip from Oklahoma City to Chicago, one mother’s «worst fear» came true, and it featured an unfriendly passenger.

When Savannah Phillips travels by plane, she loves to sit alone in a row. It’s not because she hates interacting with people. Savannah revealed in a Facebook post that it is due to a fear of being judged.«I’m not the largest or smallest person on the aircraft, but I’m not the tiniest either.» My biggest dread is that someone is unhappy because they have to sit next to me. »

Then there was a moment when Savannah couldn’t select her seat. She was instead seated next to an elderly man wearing yellow sunglasses.

Savannah was able to go to the window seat since the guy stood up. He seemed to be in his fifties and said that he was a comic. However, what he did afterwards was far from amusing.

Even before they drove out, the passenger showed his evil side.

«The flight attendant began the safety briefing, and he took out his phone» (with huge font and the screen brightness turned all the way up). His phone was about 12 inches away from my face, and he texted someone that he was seated next to «a smelly fatty.»

Savannah was taken aback and understandably upset by the harsh message. In reality, she was unable to complete it.

«I have no idea what the remainder of his text states.» I turned my head as quickly as I could. I was taken aback, and it seemed like confirmation of the negative thoughts I had about myself on a regular basis. Before I knew it, hot, salty tears were streaming down my cheeks. I sat and sobbed quietly, hoping this man wouldn’t attempt small talk since I wasn’t sure how I’d respond and didn’t want to get thrown off the aircraft. «I was devastated.»

Chase Irwin from Nashville also read the man’s heinous statement and could see Savannah was offended by it. He quickly took a short video of the man and posted it on social media with the caption:

«This man just texted his wife that he is about to puke since he is seated next to a stinky obese.» «I saw her read his text and she is now looking sorrowful.»

He wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing.

Chase’s heart was crushed as he watched Savannah weeping in her seat. He, too, told Inside Edition that he was «sick to his stomach.» Chase acted as if he were a hero in disguise in this episode.

The man immediately removed his earbuds, and Chase informed him, «We’re exchanging seats.»

According to Savannah, the guy was perplexed as to why he was being asked to exchange seats, but Chase explained:

«You’re messaging about her, and I’m not going to put up with it.»

He was really her idol.

«He told me not to let that person get to me and that everything would be alright.» We discussed Ross and the kids, his two-year-old son, and our work, among other things.

She continued, saying:

«I thanked him and told him that what he had done meant the world to me—and that he would become my husband’s new favorite person.» The flight attendant continued offering him complimentary drinks and telling him he was her idol. He wasn’t hers; he was mine. »

Chase was thanked by the mother for being her guardian angel on the aircraft, and many others spoke positively. Someone wrote

«Thank you for being the gentleman and hero that you are, Chase!» Savannah, you are stunning, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! Keep your head held high and stay strong! »

«This tale gives me hope that we can alter how we perceive individuals based on their looks.» This guy is a fantastic example of how we, as individuals, can help to bring about change!

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A man on a plane called the woman next to him a «smelly fatty.» But what happened next shocked everyone
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