A boy with autism burst into tears on the first day of school, but suddenly he was taken by the hand…

The first day of school is stressful for any child. A lot of new people, the beginning of the school year, noise, excitement, misunderstanding of what is happening. The child has just been playing in the sandbox with his peers, and now he has to enter such a frightening school life. But unusual children experience special stress, on whom any unusual situations affect much more.

This touching story took place in the American state of Kansas, in the town of Wichita. It was the first day of school, the children gathered for a solemn ruler. But one boy felt very insecure among a crowd of strangers. Connor has autism, which turned this event into a real nightmare for him. Such children have heightened sensitivity, they do not like crowds of people, fuss, a lot of noise. 

It’s even hard to imagine what it was like for a little boy on the first school line all alone! Moreover, no one approached Connor! All the children started talking to each other, getting to know each other, and he just stood there completely alone! Connor was very upset and burst into tears right on the ruler, among his future classmates.

It was just a disaster, which, it would seem, nothing can fix! But there was a hero who could change everything! There was a boy named Christian on this ruler who noticed Connor’s confusion and tears. He didn’t know about autism, but he understood that a person needed help. Christian just walked up to Connor and held out his hand to him! 

It was such a necessary gesture of help in this difficult moment! Connor was very upset, he said he wanted to go home. It turned out that neither the father nor the mother could attend the event, accompany their child. And Connor became afraid among a huge number of new people. Christian arrived just in time. He was able to calm the worried boy, took him by the hand and led him to school.

Indeed, not all heroes wear cloaks! No one told the boy how to behave in such a situation, he just took and helped a stranger in trouble. The mother of the kind boy, who was present at the event, filmed this moment, shared it on social networks. And the photo immediately went viral. Moore – Christian ‘s mom – signed the publication with the words: 

“I am so proud of my son. It’s an honor to have such a good, sympathetic boy with such a big heart.” People really liked Christian’s act. The photo was shared by thousands of users! The publication even reached Connor’s mom. She wrote under the publication that she was very grateful to Christian and his mother, who raised a beautiful son.

She also said in a personal conversation with Christian’s mother that her boy’s autism was discovered recently, just a couple of months ago, but despite this, he himself wanted to go to school alone. The woman said that her child was very worried that the other children would not offend him. And she is insanely glad that there was such a good boy next to her. Mom Kristina replied that she really hopes for future friendship between their guys. 

Children can sometimes be very cruel, but thanks to such acts as the one committed by an ordinary little boy named Christian, we have not yet lost faith in humanity! It would seem that it could be easier than to help someone who needs it. Sometimes it means listening to a person, giving him a glass of water, pointing in the right direction. Or calm down and just be around when you need it.

It does not seem difficult, while it can help another person to survive a stressful or just an unpleasant situation. If such simple things as a timely hand seem so unusual that they cause a general stir, perhaps we really should become at least a little kinder to each other.

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A boy with autism burst into tears on the first day of school, but suddenly he was taken by the hand…
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