A 101-year-old mother tells her son to stop the car, and the reason has fascinated millions of people!

Age is just the numbers in the passport, just a convention. You can enjoy life not only in your youth, which the heroine of our article confirms by her example. This story happened in November 2015 in the Canadian city of Lillooet. A man named Armand was driving in a car with his elderly mother when a heavy snowfall suddenly began.

Suddenly the old lady asked to stop the car. Armand did not immediately understand what was happening. They were out of town, driving along the forest, there were no shops, gas stations, or other people around. What did a 101-year-old woman do? She opened the door, got out of the car and bent down to the snowdrift. 

After that, the woman did something that melted the heart of not only Armand, but also millions of people around the world. What did the elderly lady surprise and please the users so much? The old lady got out of the car and started making a snowball, doing it as joyfully as in childhood! It is simply impossible to tear your eyes away from the happy grandmother, who is laughing fervently, enjoying the snowy weather!

Fortunately, Armand took a camera with him, which captured what was happening. The man posted a video with his mom on the Internet, where it quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views! People were delighted with the cheerful grandmother, who at her age retained the ability to enjoy such simple things as snow! 

The publication was accompanied by Armand’s comments: “I will slow down the video a little to tell you what preceded it. We were caught in a snowfall outside the city. Mom decided to go outside. If your mom is 101 years old, then you should always have a camera on hand to capture the special moments associated with her.

And here is one of them! Merry Christmas! In the footage, an elderly woman rejoices like a real child. She makes snowballs, smiles and laughs fervently! Tell me, when was the last time you behaved the same way, enjoyed simple things? Of course, we always value life more before death, but why not start doing it now? 

Just enjoy the little things, discard the unnecessary, have fun from the bottom of your heart! The touching grandmother was even shown on local television. An elderly woman enjoyed watching reports about herself! A video with an inspired and direct reaction of an old woman to a television broadcast about winter fun with her participation was also posted online by Armand.

The woman enthusiastically points her finger at the screen, which shows her playing snowballs. There was simply no limit to Grandma’s delight! The most popular comment on the video: “This lady can teach us what life is.” To which the son of the heroine of this story replied: “It’s true, I’m very lucky to have her.” 

All users who watched the video noted how alive and real a woman remains, whose age has crossed the 100-year mark! Delicious coffee with chocolate, the laughter of a loved one, a beloved dog — this is what fills our life, makes it really happy.

To enjoy the moment, you don’t need millions of dollars, it’s enough to have an open heart, to keep the child inside yourself. An excellent example of such behavior can be a cheerful old lady who, at 101, behaved like a child directly, charging us with her positive attitude and light in her radiant eyes.

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A 101-year-old mother tells her son to stop the car, and the reason has fascinated millions of people!
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