How Michael C Hall & Jennifer Carpenter Battled Cancer & Divorce

Hollywood actors playing lovers on-screen only to fall in love off-screen happens more often than not. But what is rare is when they play siblings on screen only to spark a romance off-screen. This was the case for Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. After the pair met on the set of Dexter, it didn’t take long for them to stir dating rumors. Just two years later, the couple tied the knot, elopement style.

They truly seemed like they were in it for the long run, but the newlyweds faced some huge obstacles that most couples don’t go through in a lifetime. The year was 2006, and Michael C Hall was going through some pretty big life changes. He was going through a divorce with Amy Spanger, his wife of four years and he would be the lead on the hit TV series Dexter.

Michael would play the infamous serial killer, Dexter Morgan and Jennifer Carpenter would play his adoptive sister, Debra Morgan. On the show, Hall was the blood spatter analyst by day and serial killer by night, and Carpenter was a police officer in the homicide division. Understandably, as brother and sister, the pair’s characters don’t have a lot of on-screen chemistry, but that didn’t stop something from blossoming between the actors themselves.

By 2007, rumors were spiraling that Michael and Jennifer were together, but it was only a year later that they confirmed their relationship. And when the world knew they were together, they couldn’t help but gush about one another in interviews. In 2008, Jennifer unofficially nominated her boyfriend for People magazine’s highest honor, Sexiest Man Alive. She also let the world know why he deserved this award! “He is the sexiest man alive. He’s one of the best we’ve got.

He’s an incredible talent and if anyone deserves accolades, it’s him,” she said. By New Year’s Eve 2008, Hall and Carpenter had decided to take a big step in their relationship. They eloped to Big Sur to tie the knot! “It was nice to do it alone. I think it’s the most personal commitment you could make. Even knowing that our families were with us in spirit, it was enough. For the continuation watch the video.

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How Michael C Hall & Jennifer Carpenter Battled Cancer & Divorce
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