3 Years Ago 65 Year Old Woman Had Quadruples. How She Lives With Children Now. PHOTO

At the present time, quite a lot of women give birth to children after 40 years. For some, this is the perfect time, because the woman was able to achieve everything she wanted in a career plan and earn money to raise future children.

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And some all the time trying to have a baby and finally they managed to do it.

In this article, we want to talk about a 65-year-old German woman, Annegret Raunig, who gave birth to quadruplets. Moreover, she has 13 children and 7 grandchildren.

You may be surprised that a woman wanted to give birth at such an age, but the thing is that Annegret simply loves children. That was the reason for giving birth to another child. In addition, her youngest 10-year-old daughter dreamed of a little brother or sister.

All the doctors warned Annegret about the big risks, but this did not stop her – the woman nevertheless decided on artificial implantation of embryos. As a result, she had four children.

All this time, Annegret worked as a teacher and raised all the children herself. And the birth of a quadruple became a record that got into the Guinness Book.

In addition, the authorities helped the mother of many children by giving her two bonuses. They also say that Annegret signed a contract with one TV channel, which now has the right to talk about family life.

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