200 farmers are silent during the auction so that a man can buy back his beloved family farm

They say that when you dream about something very much, thoughts necessarily turn into reality. But for any fulfillment of a wish, you always need to work hard. The story I’m going to tell you today happened in Nebraska, USA. Young David was from a hereditary farming family. They loved their land, farm, animals and put their whole soul into the work. The guy, who was slightly over 20, sincerely appreciated the work of his ancestors.

He felt comfortable on the farm, rejoicing that the house and land had belonged to them for many years. But one day a huge blow awaited him and his father. Due to bureaucratic delays in the will, their land, with an area of just over 32 hectares, and the house standing on it passed to a distant relative. He was completely indifferent to working on the ground.

And everything that David and his father had created over the years was lost in the blink of an eye. They had to leave for the city. But David often came to the vicinity of the farm. He saw that everything was gradually falling into desolation.

The guy sometimes talked to local farmers and shared with them the dream of how someday he would buy the land on which his relatives lived and would be engaged in farming again. The guy was saving money with his father, hoping that they would be lucky. And such a day has really come.

A few years after they lost the land, it suddenly appeared at auction. Father and son collected all the funds they could. Unfortunately, there were not as many of them as we would like. But they decided to hold on to the end anyway. The auction was held right on the site. When the father and son arrived at the place, their mood deteriorated catastrophically.

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200 farmers are silent during the auction so that a man can buy back his beloved family farm
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